• Are You an Ngo?

We are a mission-driven company where social impact and self-sustainability are our primary goals.

In order to scale CrowdMatra.org and reach as many families as possible, we’ve raised capital & resources from social investors to fund our technology, field operations and other long-term expenditures. Our goal is to be a self-sustainable organization. We charge basic 5% platform fee for our operational and overhead expenses.

Crowdmantra.org  is the Operating Brand Name for Dil Se Mehek Online Ventures Pvt. Ltd

  • How do I start a fundraiser?           

To Start a Fundraiser, you can fill in the details at start a fundraiser button and our team will assist you in order to set up a campaign.

  • What can I raise money for?

Most people use OPEN to raise money for themselves, for friends and family, for their favourite charity and for causes of national importance.  These include crowdfunding for charities, medical expenses of friends and family, education needs, volunteering and fellowships, neighbourhood, emergencies, natural disasters, rural development, and animal rescue projects to name a few.

  •  I am an individual. Can I raise funds for my initiative?

In CrowdMantra we would like to support the personal initiatives which are unique in nature there are possibilities in future.

  • What does it cost?

It's free to create and share your online fundraising campaign. There is no sign-up fees. Also, there is no restriction of you having to reach the target goal amount.

We charge a 5% platform fee for our basic plan. In addition, the third-party payment processor charges 2 to 3.2 % based on the medium and currency of payment: cards, net banking etc.

  •  Who can fund my campaign?

Anyone across the world can donate to your fundraiser. You can also choose to receive funds only from donors in India in accordance with the legal status of your organisation. 

  •  How do I receive my money?

You just need to create a withdrawal request, which you can do by writing to us from your registered email id at info@crowdmantra.org

  • Why should I use CrowdMantra to raise funds?

The benefits of using CrowdMantra are mentioned below:


1.    Accept donations from people around the world. 

2.    There's no upfront or fixed fee. No penalties or extra fees either. 

3.    There's no time-limit. You can stop or pause your crowdfunding campaign                          whenever you'd like to. 

4.    There's no minimum goal to achieve to receive funds. You receive whatever you raise (net the CrowdMantra and payment gateway fees)

5.    Withdraw funds whenever you'd like to in one or more instalments

  • Do I have to use my Facebook account?

We highly recommend you to connect your account to Facebook. Although optional, connecting your account to Facebook makes sharing your campaign with others incredibly easy.  Don't worry, we'll never post anything to your Facebook account.  


  • How do you verify the legitimacy of a fundraiser?

CrowdMantra has several safeguards in place to verify the legitimacy of fundraiser. Our staff and fellows work closely with the campaign organizers, beneficiaries, donors and an extended network to ensure that fundraising campaigns are accurately represented. If suspicion is raised regarding a fundraiser, we investigate by requesting supporting evidence. If we find that a fundraiser is fraudulent or illegal, the fundraiser will be removed and barred immediately.

  •  When does my crowdfunding campaign go live?

Your crowdfunding campaign goes live immediately after submission. This means you can start accepting donations right away. However, you will be able to withdraw funds or appear in CrowdMantra campaigns listing page only after a review by our team. It takes upto 48 hours for a campaign to be reviewed.

  •  Can I edit my story after submission?

Yes, you can edit your story after submission. 

  • Can I add more photos to my crowdfunding campaign after submission?

Absolutely. You can add up to 4 photos on the banner gallery. 

  • Can I set the minimum amount for the fundraiser?

Yes, you can. 

  • How should I write my fundraising story?

Successful fundraisers have 4 common traits

1.    A powerful story: People think in stories. Tell the who, what, and why. Who is the fundraiser for? What are / were they like? What happened? Where is the beneficiary located? How will the funds be used? What is your relation to the beneficiary? And so forth. Don't worry about the form and structure - just tell your story in natural manner. Break it up in multiple paragraphs, as it will be easier to read.

2.    Telling your story honestly: Answer basic questions any reader would have, such as who the fundraiser is for; what happened; where, when, and why it’s important to you; how you know the organizer or beneficiary; and how the funds will be used.

3.    Including a breakdown of the costs that comprise the goal. For example, “How the funds will be used: Rs 10,00,000 will be used for the medical treatment. The remaining funds will be used for day-to-day medical expenses such as medicines, scans and doctor consultation."

4.    Supporting documents: Adding videos, high quality images and supporting  explaining the need. 

  • How do I achieve my goal and run a successful fundraiser?

We've seen that successful fundraisers employ the following 6 steps to get their initial momentum.

1.    Make the first contribution: Show that you're serious about the cause by making the first contribution to your fundraiser, however small it may be.

2.    Announce your fundraiser: Amplify your fundraiser by sharing your fundraiser page link on Facebook and Twitter. As more people share, more people visit your fundraiser page with an intent to contribute. 

3.    Send your first email: Use our Email button to send emails to friends, colleagues, and family in a single click. 

4.    Change your cover picture: Change your Facebook cover picture with a small caption and link to your fundraiser page to drive more eyeballs to your fundraiser.

5.    Thank your donors:  Send a thank you note or tag them in a Facebook post acknowledging their contribution. This encourages mutual friends to notice your fundraiser. 

6.    Share updates: Send periodic updates to the donors using the Updates feature on the fundraiser page 

  • ·Can I raise money for anything?

Almost. We allow people to raise money for projects or life events that are meaningful. However, we don't allow projects for political parties or religious constructions in compliance with local laws and guidelines. When in doubt, browse our categories of thousands of successful fundraisers to see how others use CrowdMantra. We do reserve the right to take down a fundraiser, should it misrepresent facts or show inappropriate content. 

  • ·Who will donate to my fundraiser?

Your fundraiser will be supported by the people in your life. This includes friends, family members, loved ones, co-workers, classmates and teammates. Only after your campaign receives the support of the people you personally know, can it begin to attract the support of others.

  • How can I promote my fundraiser?

You can promote your crowdfunding campaign by reaching out to your friends and family on email and social media and asking them to contribute and share your crowdfunding campaign in their networks. Once you've raised your initial funds, reach out to local media or online news platform and seek their help in sharing your story. From time to time, CrowdMantra also features inspiring, purposeful crowdfunding campaigns on our social media channels. 

  • How can I promote my fundraiser?

You can promote your crowdfunding campaign by reaching out to your friends and family on email and social media and asking them to contribute and share your crowdfunding campaign in their networks. Once you've raised your initial funds, reach out to local media or online news platform and seek their help in sharing your story. From time to time, CrowdMantra also features inspiring, purposeful crowdfunding campaigns on our social media channels. 

  • What is Amplification?

We have an automated learning System that locates fundraisers, which we could support further through additional marketing efforts. The module assess  various parameters like the number of shares, the number of donations, the percentage of funds raised (usually ~ 30% - 40 % of target) etc. After our module identifies such a campaign, our marketing team will reach out to the campaign organizer about additional charges levied by the marketing platforms, to seek the consent of the campaign organizer. Post that consent, the campaign goes under amplification plan. It is a full system driven recommendation to maintain the neutrality of our platform. 

We suggest you start a campaign and seek the help of friends, family, and also local media in spreading the word. That way you not only increase the chances of our system recommendation but also raise maximum funds without incurring additional fees.

  • I do not want to make an online payment. Are there other payment options?

Yes! Besides our secure, SSL encrypted online payment options, CrowdMantra direct bank transfer through NEFT, that gets mapped to the crowdfunding campaign organizers account. To avail direct transfer, kindly drop us a line at info@crowdmantra.org.

  •  I don't want my contribution to be visible to anyone. What should I do?

You can choose 'Pay as Anonymous' while making a payment to any fundraiser, and you'll remain anonymous (including the organizer). You can also choose the 'Remain Anonymous' option while editing your profile. 

  • I've chosen the Anonymous option. But I still see my name.

Please sign out of your account and check the page. Your name will appear only to you when you are signed in.

  •  Do donors pay a fee?

No, never.  Donors are charged only the amount they choose to donate, and that's it!

  •   I have made a bank transfer / NEFT payment, how do I know that the funds have reached the recipient?

Once your donation is credited into CrowdMantra’s account, the same will be reflected on the fundraiser page. Please email us once you've made the transfer so we can acknowledge the same on the page upon receipt. Email us at info@crowdmantra.org in case there's a delay at our end

  • I tried making a donation. The amount got debited from my bank account / card but I was shown a message that my payment didn't go through. What should I do?

If the amount was debited from your account, don't worry. In most cases, your payment is held at the payment gateway and will be credited to us within 24 hours. When the payment is received by CrowdMantra, you will receive an acknowledgement.  In case you've not received an email acknowledgement within 24 hours, email us at info@crowdmantra.org and we'll resolve it at the earliest.

  • Are my donations eligible for tax-exempt benefits?

Only donations made to a legally registered non-profit or charity may be considered eligible for donors to claim as a tax deduction. Look for a note ‘80G tax benefits for INR donations' below the  'Donate Now' button on the fundraiser. 

  • How do I know if a donation to a fundraiser is eligible for tax-exempt benefits?

Look for a note ‘80G tax benefits for INR donations' below the  'Donate Now' button on the fundraiser. 

  • How do I get my tax-exempt benefit receipt?

You will receive your tax-exemption receipt only after the NGO issues it. Please make sure that you choose to avail tax-exemption while making a donation, and enter all the required details. Once your details are with the NGO, you will receive the tax-exemption receipt in your email as soon as the NGO issues it.

  •  Is it safe to donate on CrowdMantra? 

Our platform features the most secure payment encryption technology (256 bit SSL encryption - the highest in the industry). We don't store any card / banking details of your donors. We take your privacy very seriously and never share your personal information with anyone. You can also choose to be anonymous (to the organizer and the public) while making the donation. 

  • Can I donate from my mobile or tablet?

Yes. Our site is mobile-friendly and visitors will have the same user experience from their phones/tablets. All payment options available on desktop version are available for mobile device too. 

  •   How do I contact the organizer of a fundraiser?

Go to the fundraiser page.

Post your request on the Comment Section and we’ll share the details with you.

  •   I believe a fundraiser is misleading or fraudulent. What should I do?

If you encounter a fundraiser on CrowdMantra that you suspect may be misrepresenting information in a way that is illegal or fraudulent, please contact us using the 'Report the campaign' option that you find at the end of each fundraiser page. You will want to make sure that you include the following:

1. The URL of the campaign in question.
2. Your relation (if any) to the organizer/beneficiary of this fundraiser
3. Any evidence or background to support your claim including:

Screenshots of a conversation

Links to newspaper articles

Facebook pages or Tweets

Links to, or screenshots of similar fundraisers

Once we hear from you, we will reach out to the fundraiser organizer requesting verification. While we are in process of verifying the fundraiser, and it has not yet been found to be fraudulent or misrepresented, it will remain active on the site. If we are unable to verify the fundraiser, or we can confirm that it is indeed fraudulent, it will be promptly removed.


  • I have paid the wrong amount by mistake. What should I do?

No problem. Just write to us at info@crowdmantra.org and let us know if you would like the full payment or part of the payment reversed. Depending on the payment gateway used for the transaction, the reversal is completed within 1 - 10 business days. 

  • My card keeps getting rejected. What should I do?

Our foreign payments are processed through Razorpay.
One of the most common causes of card rejections is incorrect CVV code entered. Please make sure your Name, Expiration, CVV on your card match with you've entered. If this doesn't work, you may consider trying option. You could also consider doing a bank transfer/pay via cheque option for the same. 


  • What deduction percentage can I claim when I get an 80G?

Generally, the donations made to NGO's which issues 80G certificates fall under the category of 50%. We would request you to consult some professional who will be able to guide you better about it.

  •  How do I withdraw the funds raised?

You just need to create a withdrawal request by writing us at info@crowdmantra.org

  • How long does it take to receive my funds?

We make transfers on a daily basis (excl Sat/Sun and public holidays). Donations raised in INR should take 3-5 working days to reflect in your account, if not earlier. Donations raised in Foreign Currency take 7-14 working days to reflect in your account. Please ensure your bank account details are correct at the time of submitting your request. More often, we've seen this to be the primary reason for delay in transfers. 

  •  How will I know if my withdrawal request has been processed?

You'll receive an acknowledgement email once the transfer is initiated from our end

  • Do you require any ID proof to withdraw funds?

To comply with regulations, we require a valid PAN card number of the recipient of funds (no scan copy /physical document is required). This is manually reviewed by our accounts team before making the transfer. In case there's a discrepancy in the details given, our accounts team / campaign manager will get in touch with you. 

  • Can I withdraw funds to different bank account?

Yes, it is possible for personal crowdfunding campaigns. You can add a new a bank account and PAN no. of the recipient. For crowdfunding campaigns run for and by non-profits and charities - funds can be transferred to only their designated bank accounts. Please mention under the comments section on whose account is the money being withdrawn to or how is the beneficiary related to the receipt of funds.

  • I am raising funds for a friend. Can She/he receive the money raised instead?

Yes, She/He can. All you have to do is to enter the bank account details and PAN no. of the recipient and we'll directly transfer the funds to them. 

  • Do I have to pay income tax on the funds raised and received?

We're unable to provide specific tax advice since everyone's situation is different. While donations are usually considered as personal gifts, this isn't guaranteed. Please seek a tax consultant to advise you. 

  • Do you require any documents to withdraw funds?

Yes, the funds can be withdrawn only against bills or any sort of evidence stating the requirement of the funds.