6 years ago, when I got married, I moved to Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh). I thought I was living a great life as I got blessed with 2 daughters: Aziza and Hirza. To me, it was a perfect life, but, in the eyes of my in-laws, it wasn’t enough. 


After a few years, I started to face taunts from my in-laws for not being able to give birth to a boy. Every day they used to insult me and destroy my self-esteem because of this thing. I was thinking that my life is at the worst point and it couldn’t get any harsh, but, even this situation started to feel so small after what happened to me.


On 20th April, 2019, my son came into this world bringing my smile back on my face. Finally, I was smiling again and all the taunts & cursing that I used to face by my in-laws every day came to an end. Unfortunately, this happiness didn’t last for long. After 2 days, while I was feeding my son, I found him struggling for breath. Slowly his body turned blue and I thought that he might be suffering from pneumonia. Seeing this, I rushed to the hospital holding him in my arms, hoping that the doctors will cure him immediately. 


After a few tests, the doctors came to the conclusion that it is not a case of pneumonia, but, he might be having a heart disease. Listening to this, I was shocked and started to cry. Any mother would react the same way in this situation. I was sure that my family would do anything to save the child, but, I was wrong again. Instead of supporting me, they started to cuss me again for not being able to give birth to a healthy child. But no matter what, I couldn’t let my son die at any cost. I asked the hospital to arrange an ambulance for me so that I could take my son to another hospital, where he could get better treatment. Luckily, they did that and after a 6-hour journey to Delhi, I admitted my son to Apollo Hospital. 


On 25th April, 2019, I was alone in the hospital praying for the recovery of my son. I used to see him go through numerous tests every day, which literally kills me every time. Suddenly, the doctor came out of the operation theatre and after hearing what he said, I burst into tears. He said that my son is suffering from Congenital Heart Disease. At that time, I didn’t know how serious it is but as I learned more about it, I started to lose hope that my son could survive. Congenital Heart Disease is a problem in the structure of the heart, which is present in the patient since birth. I came to a little relief when the doctor said that it is not a hopeless situation, my son can survive through it. He has to be operated as soon as possible but the operation is going to cost 5 lakh rupees. I felt helpless in this situation as there is no way that I can arrange this huge amount of money.


For my son’s earlier operations, I have already asked for money from every person I know. But now, all of them are turning their backs on me. I have no one else to help me. The only hope I have is from people like you. Please help me save my child. My family has already abandoned me and I have no one else to live for. Your little contribution can save the life of my child. Please help me. Please help my daughters finally have a brother.

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How can you Help.

Farheen is being abandond by her Spouse and she comes from a economically weak family got no household savings and have lended money from many relatives and friends and by no means She can come upto the roaring 4.50 lakhs INR ($ 6456) for her kid's treatment. Only your help can save their ailing Son now.

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