The COVID 19 pandemic is causing global devastation. Besides the tragic toll on human life, with many countries shutting their borders and quarantines, economies have got massive hit. The tragedy has just begun to expand in India and the job losses are increasing, mostly among the daily wage workers. Experts suggests the impact on this section is going to be catastrophic.

As India is now getting into the fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic, there are millions of underprivileged families who don’t have access to sanitizers, masks and daily meals. The number of confirmed cases is on a constant rise and the death toll is rapidly increasing every day.

To control the spread of the virus and downward the curve, the critical step is to maintain the required hygiene standards. A large section of INDIA, the vulnerable and underprivileged communities have least or no access to the sanitation standards and resources required to fight Coronavirus.


Hygiene kits and Meal support are all it takes to help thousands of poor families, abandoned elderlies, urban slum dwellers, poor cancer patients and many others in need. Help India fight Coronavirus. Provide hygiene kits to thousands of underprivileged families across India.

Along with the citizens there is  one more community needs all our support to strengthen the fight against Covid 19, this is the community of Doctors, Nurses, Ward staffs, hospital Staffs, the police, the sanitation workers and many more who are working round the clock with rest, food and with the least personal protective measures available they are risking their own lives for us and serving us Selflessly. All they need is Personal Protective Kits (Components of PPE are goggles, face-shield, mask, gloves, coverall/gowns (with or without aprons), head cover and shoe cover). It our turn to join hands together and contribute any bit of support to these unsung heroes of country and perform our bit of role in this epidemic.

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These unemployed individuals and Covid 19 Warriors have been duly verified by Dil Se Mehek. We have launched this Fundraiser as an emergency response - to help provide a safety net to daily labour families and Doctors and Support teams i.e. nurses, ward boys, cleaners etc. We aim to directly support these families Covid19 Wariors by providing a daily meals and Personal protection Kits, hopefully with your support till the virus abates and they are in employment again.

You Can Pledge to contribute for a Personal protective Kit which costs INR 500 - INR1000

The kit includes:

Coverall- An outfit which covers the whole body. It costs Rs 250 to Rs 500.

Goggles- Protective eyeglasses in white colour. These glasses will prevent virus which transmits through air. Goggles are priced at Rs 35 to 100.

N 95 masks – These high quality masks provide better protection for nose and mouth. The price of the mask is fixed at Rs 50 to 100.

Gloves – It costs Rs 25- 100.

Shoe cover – It provides protection for legs and priced at Rs 35-100.

Or you can Pledge to contribute towards a meal for a family of 4 people which costs INR 100.

UPI ID : rzpy.payto000000848400095@hdfcbank

Please contribute generously to that hardest hit by COVID-19.


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