It is evident that to address the vulnerability that  women are presented with, they must be taken off the streets and homes where they are facing Domestic violence on daily basis. In a set-up that can sustain itself by also generating an income for them. To this effect, and based on our experiences so far, Livelihood for women to make them understand their worth is need of an hour. Most of the women who are victim of Gender based violence loose the hope and take severe steps to harm themselves as they are solely dependent on their husdan's earning, but with time we need to change the concept " Silai se Kamai" will be breaking the notion that Silai is limited to home.

We need to start this project in an entrepreneaur model where they can earn handsome sum to sustain thier livings. Majority of these women are Housewife who never thought to step out from their homes, Daily wage earner and Ragpickers.

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