Since his Borne marrow Transplant Last year My Son Nitikesh used to tell me “ Mummy you don’t worry anymore I will be completely recovered soon and I will take good care of you like you cared for me(During the dreadful CANCER treatment). He always wanted to be an Engineer after his Father’s died 2 years ago as he wanted me to see me a comforting life.

My Name is Anita Devi and we are a simple farmer family from UP. I lost my husband to a Severe heart attack 2 years ago, my husband’s death had the worse effect on my youngest Son Nitikesh (19) amongst all his siblings (Nitikesh is youngest to 3 sisters) as he knew that there’s no one to look after us. I took the charge of our Farming work and this used to upset him the most and he always wanted to give me a Comforting life and wanted to be an Engineer, but I looks like our Fate was still left with more sufferings for our family.



It was one of an evening year 2018, Nitikesh complained us about a persistent fever, Vomiting and mouth ulcers after few days treatment at local hospital we took Nitikesh to Jaypee Hospital for better care. Where doctors informed us that Nitikesh is suffering from MYELODYSPLASTIC SYNDROME with excess blasts -1 one of form of Blood Cancer and need to go through a borne marrow transplant which costs INR 20.00.000 – INR 25,00,000. The news almost shattered our world as we had yet not recovered from my husband’s recent death as well by no means we could afford such an expensive treatment.

I had to sell all my farming land at scrap prices and had to borrow money from many relatives and knowns for his treatment. Somehow things got worked out and September 2018  Nitikesh gone through the Borne marrow Transplant Successfully. Doctors Told us that within course of one year Nitikesh’s Post transplant treatment will be completed and he will be able to live a normal and healthy life again. We thought all life will get sorted now.

And then he Vomits Blood.

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I Still remember the 16th august morning Nitikesh didn’t wake up on usual time and complaint fever, we thought he will heal after some rest but by the afternoon his condition went bad to worse, his mouth was filled with ulcers and he was Vomiting blood every hour. We quickly took him to the hospital, where doctors informed us that his Cancer has relapsed again and this time with the higher severity, he needs to go through the 3-4 chemotherapy Cycles followed by another Borne Marrow Transplant which will cost INR 20,00,000/- . This time neither I have any thing to sell off  nor I can borrow money from anyone at all, Seeing him inching towards death in front of my Eyes is the most unfortunate thing for me as mother.


We now desperately need your help. His condition is getting worse by-the-day leaving us all scared of losing him this time. This is an urge to you from a mother to save her Son. Please help!


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How can you help?

Nitikesh is the only Son of his mother and brother to three sisters, his Family has already liquidated all of their resources and savings in his last round of treatments. They have nothing left and fear that their Son's treatment will stop. Only your help can save their ailing Nitikesh now. Please Contribute generously.

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