Hi all

     Today v r seeing many poor children from slums and parentless children's are unable to get education because no one is coming forward to support them my father always think of poor children to help them of his busy schedule and helped some children but not satisfied he taught after retirement he totally wanted to stand for them as a backbone for many poor and parentless children, unfortunately after his retirement within days he met an accident and he is no more.

        But upon his respect I started thinking of him I adopted 5 children and started giving them good education and took care of all their necessities till day today the strength of the children Rose to 30 and I'm unable to reach their needs 

So I decided to raise funds for them for upcoming academic year to meet their needs like books, uniform, stationery and the major thing is the fees,

   So I request each and everyone to support these poor and homeless parentless children  by contributing the above to full fill their needs and  by taking each children responsibility by contributing them

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