I still remember the day when my son was sent back to home after the first period in his new class. It was the first day of Ahil’s new class, he was very Excited to go to school that day like any other young kid, he was really happy since was shifted to new class he wanted to reach the school before anyone else, so that he could reserve his favourite seat in his new class for the next one year i.e. like most of us has done in our school days.

Just after the first hour of school Ahil was sent back to home accompanied by one of school staff and a classmate as he had puked several times in school and was constantly complaining about severe pain around his kidney area.

My name is Afzal Hussain I am from Bihar, I remember it was around 9 AM that day and I was about to leave for work when Ahil returned to home due to bad health. We initially thought it would be the normal case of food poisoning and rushed him to the local general Physician who prescribed some medicines (assuming pain killers were given). But the situation got worse the same night when Ahil had another panic episode, this time we rushed Ahil to a bigger hospital where the doctors ran some tests on Ahil, Next morning the test results were shared with us which turned our little yet happy world upside down.

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The Doctors informed us that Ahil is suffering with a chronic kidney disease and Transplant is the only hope for him. Doctors suggested us to reach a better equipped hospital in New Delhi, where the treatment can be continued. When we reached out to Batra Hospital in New Delhi were informed that the Transplant procedure is going to cost us around INR 4,50,000 /- I am a daily wage worker and I have no means to afford this amount of money as I can hardly earn around INR 400/- a day. I have been borrowing money from all of my relatives for the 8 last months and still not been able to get the required help. We have to bring Ahil for the dialysis thrice a week the entire process takes around 4- 6 hours every day due to which I am not been able to work regularly either as well have lost a lot of weight too in this span of Last 8 Months.

Now my you are the only Hope for me and my family. Please contribute to help us before we end up our little Ahil.



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