Winters in many parts of Delhi is a very harsh Phase of the Year, especially for villagers and the urban poor who don’t have access to woolen clothing or cover. Dil Se Mehek’s campaign Share the Warmth hopes to offer solutions for this annual problem.

Few years ago, outside one of the hospitals in Delhi, 6-year-old Bano hugged a dead body to deal with the cold. Some of you may have heard or read about Bano and her father Habib Bhai. So why are we telling you her story again, over two decades after the incident? Probably because it’s still relevant today.

If you are out at night in Delhi, we hope you are wrapped up in a layer of warm clothes, because it’s starting to get cold out here right now. In the coming weeks, when it will get really cold, some unfortunate people might die on the roads. They likely will not have any woollen clothes on their body as they struggle through the chilly and windy nights out in the open.

Government statistics reveal that winters are the second major reason for deaths in India, after lightning. Floods come third on this list. Statistics show that till 2007, 826 people died every year due to harsh winters in India. The death toll started to increase after 2007 due to a drop in winter temperatures. Between 2002 and 2012, as many as 10,740 people died from exposure to cold and avalanche. Clearly, hundreds of winter deaths are considered “normal”, and there is hardly any effort to find the exact reason behind them.

These deaths are rarely reported and accounted for, While Dil Se Mehek is Trying to do its bit to provide Woollens and clothes, we hope you living in the cities, and the most crucial link in this Chain, also play your role in donating towards this campaign to save someone’s life. This – in the true sense – exemplifies collaborated effort for addressing an issue.

Dil Se Mehek Aims to Distribute 10,000 blankets (Worth INR 7,00,000 – 9,00,000) this year and we can’t do it alone. Please Join hands with us and Contribute.

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