COVID-19 is a pandemic declared by the WHO (World Health Organisation).

WHO has declared COVID-19 outbreak as global pandemic as it has spread in more than 100 counties. It seems unstoppable despite all governmental efforts.
Pandemic is not a word to be taken lightly. The word itself defines the critical situation we are dealing with.

Continents affected - 6.
Counties affected - More than 100.
People affected - More than 1,20,000.
Casualties - More than 4300.

We are raising a public appeal to come forward to contribute and support our cause to stop the spread of COVID -19 in India.


Please Note -
This campaign is running for the support of the preventive measures to be taken to stop the spread of COVID-19 pandemic and not for the treatment of any patient suffering from Coronavirus. Please do not fall prey to any rumours and try not to be a part of such rumours. The treatment of Coronavirus patients is going on free of cost by the support of the governments.

This campaign is an initiative of Team CURE of HWC to support the government and its initiatives to stop the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. 


It is critical to stop the spread of the virus and provide medical care to those who need it. Patients and front-line medical responders in high-risk and quarantined areas need supplies and continued support as the crisis unfolds. The prices of the Masks and Sanitizers are also gaining pace in such a higher rate and are going out of reach from the low-income group society at the same time we can also see the black marketing of such items. 

The COVID -19 is causing global economic slowdown and Public health crisis.
In India, people are having a common fear that COVID-19 outbreak will take hold and will overpower the poor public health system. There is panic among common people which is affecting production and productivity resulting in an economic slowdown.


The Indian government is trying its best to control this outbreak and we as a responsible citizen should unite and contribute our efforts to help the government and stop this outbreak.

Funds will be utilised for the distribution of following items free of cost on an urgent basis -
1. Creating Awareness both online and offline.
2. Distribution of N-95 Masks
3. Distribution of Hand Sanitizers.
4. Distribution of Soap.

To provide services to affected communities and help stop the virus's spread. Initially, the fund will help meet immediate needs for healthcare, food, and water.

The items will be distributed through Physical Camps by Team CURE of Humanity Welfare Council and through our local partners on a Pan-India basis. 

The best solution for this crisis is to stop it from Spreading. 

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