The demon of COVID-19 is threatening the very  existence of human beings on the  earth. It has caught all of us off guard and  slowly creeped into our lives unknowingly,  devouring thousands of lives, making  millions ill, destroying thousands of families and making millions of the poor, the daily wage earners jobless across the world on account of global lockdown and India is no exception to it. Though government of India and Indian states are doing the needful to ensure the current lockdown in India doesn't impact the lives of the poor, a collective and individual efforts are required to reach to millions who have no means to meet their square meals a day. Anuragi India Foundation And Vikas Anuragi has taken up the onus to feed 1,000 people in Bundelkhand And Noida region during the lockdown period but it  can't be possible when each of us help in and contribute certain amounts from our saving for a just cause. Please do support us so that the poor doesn't die of starvation.


We will be distributing following food items to the families of daily wage workers with the help of . They will be delivering food to the needy in the current lockdown.


5 kg aata

1.5 kg rice

1 kg dal

500 ml oil

100 gram dhaniya powder

50 gram haldi powder

50 gram red mirch

20 gram garam masala

1 kg Salt

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