The first 28 days after birth (neonatal period) is the most crucial period for the new-born as a large number of deaths occur during this period mainly due to prematurity, infections, hypothermia, congenital abnormalities & SIDS(sudden infant death syndrome). The important thing , however, is that these deaths are to a large extent preventable. One of the major reasons for death in the neonatal period (first 28 days after birth) is the infection caused by the use of unhygienic and inadequate clothing by the newborn soon after birth. The important thing, however, is that these neonatal deaths are to a large extent preventable.


We at VASTRR have started an initiative to raise awareness and educate the newly delivered mothers about the significance of neonatal hygiene. VASTRR is a non for profit organization which focuses on preventing neonatal mortality due to inadequate & unhygienic clothing of the new-born by educating & creating awareness amongst the expectant mothers, newly delivered mothers & adolescent girls in Government hospitals, Anganwadis, villages & urban slums about infections, hypothermia & SIDS. As part of the our mission we distribute a new-born baby package consisting of a baby
dress, cloth reusable diaper, baby blanket, baby plastic sheet with detachable sheet, soap & hand sanitizer to the newly delivered mothers in Government hospitals. Presently we are educating the newly delivered mothers & expectant mothers at 5 govt hospitals in Delhi ie Base Hospital Delhi Cantt,Shri Dada Dev Matri avum Shishu Hospital, Acharya Shree Bhikshu Hospital, Guru Gobind Singh Hospital, Deep Chand Bhandu hospital.Clean ,hygienic & adequate clothing of the new-born is the first birthright soon after birth Nothing is more heart breaking for a mother than to lose her child. As part of this initiative, we also distribute a new-born baby package consisting of a baby dress, cloth reusable diapers (langot), baby sheet, baby blanket, soap & hand sanitizer to prevent t, thereby, helping in decreasing the neonatal mortality. Our whole effort is towards taking small baby steps to lower the neonatal mortality rate which is the absolute need of the hour. Kindly Join Hands with us to save these Little angels. 

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