We all are familiar with the situation of Assam due to floods. In this article, we are going to tell you some facts about the situation of Assam and the data report according to the Assam State Disaster Management Authority.

It's tucked away within pages of national papers, infrequently makes it to prime time TV announcements, scarcely discovers notice in the national talk on the development..floods in Assam are a yearly undertaking, once in a while raising more than an eyebrow.

Floods in Assam and regions of Northeast indeed follow the monsoon every year and this year this has happened as well.

According to the data report, more than 55 lakh people across 12 districts faced this bad condition of the flood. As per data gave by Assam State Disaster Management Authority, till July 18 the loss of life has contacted 27 and is probably going to go up. Over 4,000 towns in 28 districts out of the states 33 have been influenced.

It is shocking news that the total population of Assam is across 3 crores and more than 53.5 lakh plus people are affected. In this flood, more than 1100 houses are damaged, agricultural land is damaged, and more than 88 animals have been washed away with the flow of water.

Due to the high flow of water in this flood, The Brahmaputra river is flowing above the danger mark in Jorhat, Tezpur, Guwahati, Goalpara, and Dhubri along with rivers Subansiri river at Badatighat in Lakhimpur, Dhansari river at Numaligarh in Golaghat district, Bhurhidehing at Khowang in Dibrugarh district, Kopili river at Kanpur, Jia Bharalu river at Sonitpur, and Dharamtul in Nagaon district but now the situation of this threat is gradually improving.

Now, more than 1.50 lakh people have been replaced from their houses and shifted in 427 relief camps and more than 392 relife relief distribution centers are setting various district administration according to the plans of Assam State Disaster Management Authority.

Each of the 409 detainees of Dhubri District Jail was moved to the Dhubri Girls' College as floodwaters immersed the jail. According to the orders of the district deputy commissioner Ananta Lal Gyani, the Dhubri Girls' College was converted into a temporary jail. In the mid, the Northeast Frontier Railway has hindered trains in the Abhayapuri-Jogighopa area or well-being as flood battered residents, who have rushed to the railroad dike to take shelter.

Most regions of Dhubri town were under midriff profound water with boats being the main mode of the vehicle. Huge zones of Kaziranga, Manas National Parks, and Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary were submerged under floodwaters, compelling the wild creatures, including deer and bison to move towards the good countries in Karbi Anglong Hills.


The Brahmaputra River is filled with a lot of water which is another natural reason for the flood.

Assam falls under a meteorological zone that gets abundance storm downpours.

The devastation of wetlands and infringement of fields have declined the circumstance.

The people who were lived in Assam and villages nearby Assam have been lost everything and are very upset. Our Government is providing various administrations to affected people and setting up the plans and strategies according to the situation of the area and affected region.

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Being a human, you can also help the affected people who have faced this huge disaster and lost everything in this damage. You can contribute to Government who is offering relief camps to these influenced people, you can donate clothes, food, and many things. Your small contribution can give a small shelter to an affected family.


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