“After losing my baby 8 years ago, I was completely broken and lost hope that I could be happy again. I wanted to be a mother and even after doctors warned me not to, we kept on trying.

When I finally got pregnant with Arush after facing a social trauma for almost 8 years, I thought this would change my life forever. Just having an idea of being a mother again would fill my eyes with tears of happiness. Me and husband became a happy couple again liked we used to be. We decided various names for our baby and we used to spend the whole day imagining what our life would be like when we’ll finally have our baby. Now, all those dreams seem worthless as we don’t know if our baby will live that long or not.

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It hurts immensely that this is not the first time we are facing such a situation. The same thing happened with my first child when he was diagnosed with pulmonary atresia. Doctors tried everything to save him, they even managed to make the blood flow through artificial veins but, nothing worked. He fought a hard battle with life but sadly, we lost him after 25 days. Since then, I wasn’t able to conceive and eventually, we lost hope. Everyone blamed me for not giving birth to a healthy baby. I guess the suffering of losing a baby wasn’t enough that I had to go through this as well.

Finally, I got pregnant with Arush and my life was filled with happiness again. From the baby’s name to what the baby’s room would look like, we had planned it all. Just after Arush was born, we waited to hear his first cry but he didn’t. Doctors said that Arush has to be operated as soon as possible because he was having difficulties in breathing. This whole scene reminded me of what happened earlier with our first child and I couldn’t control my tears at that time.

Since the minute he is born, he has been hospitalized and I haven’t even got a chance to hold him in my arms. Later, doctors told us that our child has a problem of TGA (Transposition of Great Arteries). It is a condition where the blood vessels present in the heart are improperly connected. This causes pain, difficulty in breathing, and unorganized flow of blood. Can you imagine, all this is being faced by a 2 months old baby.

He went through open heart surgery a month ago and we thought that it would make his condition better, but, it hasn’t. After the operation, his body swelled up and major body parts like lungs, liver, & heart got infected.

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From last 2 months, all I am doing is watching my baby trying to survive. Doctors said that an amount of Rs 20 lakh INR ($ 28415) is required for his treatment and we have already spent more than 8 lakh INR (($11366.) till now. We can’t do anything now as we are out of money, please help us.

Arush’s birth was already a preterm birth, which can prove to be very harmful to a baby’s health. The doctors did warn us about the consequences that we might face if we try to have a baby. But, all those problems were supposed to be faced by me, so we didn’t stop trying. Now I keep on thinking we shouldn’t have tried at all, why is our baby facing the consequences? What’s his fault in this?

We spend almost 30 thousand INR ($ 426) every day on his treatment. Having to pay for our home loan as well, there is no way that we continue raising the money on our own anymore. We need your support, please help us. This is my last chance because, after Arush, I won’t be able to conceive again. Please help me save my baby.

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How can you help?

Arima and Tarun (Parents) comes from a regular middle class family and have already liquidated all of their household savings and have lended money from many relatives and friends and by no means they can come upto the roaring 20 lakhs INR ($ 28415) for thier kids treatment. Only your help can save their ailing Son now.

Transfer directly to the Bank account of this Fundraiser

Account Number: 2223330011201285
Beneficiary Name: Arima Shankya 

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  • Vandana gupta
    Vandana gupta
    1 year ago
    Take care of ur baby.god bless him.get we'll soon.
  • Bonti
    1 year ago
    God is the biggest Doctor in this Universe.Prayers for his quick and successful recovery.
    2 years ago
    Oh God please bless the child......
  • Ranju Bania
    Ranju Bania
    2 years ago
    Saai baba plz bless this baby....plz...plz....
  • Shivi agarwal
    Shivi agarwal
    2 years ago
    God bless the baby
  • Akshaya kaushik
    Akshaya kaushik
    2 years ago
    I am trying to donate through debit card but it keeps showing me payment gateway error. Even net banking not working. Please solve the issue
    • Crowdmantra
      2 years ago
      Thanks for the reporting the issue, we are looking into it.
  • Promila James
    Promila James
    2 years ago
    God bless you baby.