“Once I get a job, we’ll all move to a city and maa, you won’t have to work in the fields anymore”. This is what my son Surender used to say to me every day. Now, look at the turn of events, we have moved to the city, but not for what we have planned. We are here to save our son from dying.

My name is Meena Devi, me and my husband work as labor farmers and we are struggling to save our son from dying. We work hard in the fields, just to make sure that our son doesn’t have to live the same life as ours. We have an income of Rs 6-7 thousand ($ 99.45) a month, but instead of utilizing it to run our household, we have to use for the treatment of our child. We have already spent our savings of Rs 2 lakhsINR ($2841.50) for his treatment, now we are out of money. The only ray of hope that I see is you, please save my child.

Surender, my 21-year-old son, is a bright student and a humble human being. He is everything that a mother wishes her child to be. But, despite all of this, fate hasn’t been fair to him. He wanted to be an engineer, but, instead of following his dreams, my son is fighting a hard battle with death. Surender has been diagnosed with kidney failure. His one kidney has already stopped functioning and the other one is about to fail too. The doctors said that a kidney transplant is the only way to save his life. Surender’s father is ready to be the donor, but the operation will cost 10 Lakh rupees and being labor farmers, we can never arrange this amount of money by ourselves. For this, we need your support to save our son’s life.


I can’t even imagine what my life would be without him. From taking care of my health to making me laugh, Surender used to do everything. He wanted to be a successful person, not to buy a luxurious car or live a lavish life, but for us. My son just wanted to give his parents the best life, which we failed to give him due to our poverty. But, he never complained about it once. Now, when I see him struggling for his life, I just ask myself what have I done wrong that my son is facing such a situation. Without him, me and his father have forgotten how to smile. We can’t remember what happiness feels like.


I still remember that dark day when it all happened. Surender went to his college to attend an important lecture. While leaving, he asked me to make rajma chawal for dinner as he loved eating that. In the afternoon, while I was preparing the food I got a call that Surrender is in hospital. Me and his father ran to see what has happened. While we were on the way, his father kept convincing me that there is nothing to worry about, but when we reached there, we couldn’t stop ourselves from crying, seeing him lying on the bed. Doctors said that Surender’s one kidney has failed and the other one is on the verge of dysfunctioning too. A kidney transplant is the only way to save him but for that, we need someone to donate a kidney along with 10 lakh INR ($14207) . His father is ready to be the kidney donor, but arranging Rs 10 lakhs INR ($14207) is something we are incapable of. Please save my child.

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During his childhood, whenever he used to come home with minor wounds on his body, I tried everything to relieve him for the pain. Not only me, no mother can ever see her child feeling any kind of pain. Knowing that watching him in this condition will make his maa sad, he always carried a smile on his face and used to say, “I am fine maa, you don’t have to worry about me, I am your strong child”. Seeing how much he cares about me at this young age, everyone believed that he is going to solve the misery of our family. And undoubtedly, I had full faith that he will.


Please don’t let my son die! Without him, there is no meaning to my existence. You are the only light I see in this time of darkness. I have asked for money from every possible person I know and now, they all are leaving our side one by one. Please help me save my child. Your contribution can bring back my family’s happiness.


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How can you help?

Surrender is the sole hope of his old Parents. They have used their little savings and make sacrifices every day just to be able to pay off the medical bills of Surender. They have nothing left and fear that their Son's treatment will stop. Only your help can save their ailing Son now.


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  • Aster
    2 years ago
    I am thank God Bless all of you
    I request you please help the poor farmers children in Pakistan